Liminal Counseling is designed to provide support, resources, and mental health counseling for people of alternative lifestyles, minority orientations, non-standard hobbies, and alternative spiritualities. If you have ever worried about seeing a health or mental health professional out of fear of being stigmatized for your identity, faith, or lifestyle, or you are tired of having to educate professionals, Liminal Counseling may provide the support you need.

Liminal Counseling is primarily the information page for Dani Higgins, MA, a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado, and hosts a blog of relevant articles.

I hope to eventually facilitate support groups, therapy groups, and provide coaching services as well through the broader mantle of the Liminal Crossings name.

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profilemaybe2When something in your life isn’t working, when everything that usually keeps you going isn’t enough, therapy can help. As a counselor, I seek to build a compassionate, safe, therapeutic relationship with you, so that we can work together to explore what’s happening in your life, discover meaning in the struggle, and find what you need to grow.

I am a trauma-informed therapist. This means I bring a variety of tools and knowledge to assist with any major challenging transition that you might be dealing with, as well as the skill to work with difficult, overwhelming events from your past.

I understand how hard it can be to seek the help you need when you’re concerned about being stigmatized for your identity, orientation, or lifestyle. I’m very familiar with the LGBTQ+ population, consensual non-monogamy, geek/gamer culture, and alternative lifestyles. A significant portion of my clients are transgender and non-binary, queer-identified, autistic-identified, or work in the tech industry, although of course I work with a wide variety of demographics. I practice a non-judgmental therapy style.

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Liminal Counseling is located in Room 9 on the second floor of 146 W. 5th Ave, Denver, CO 80204, on the corner of Bannock and W. 5th Ave in the Baker district of Denver, one block south from Denver Health. The building is a cream-and-purple Victorian-style house that has been renovated for offices. Parking is on the street, and there’s also a bus stop at Broadway and W. 5th Ave.

Contact Dani Higgins

You can contact me using either the below form, email, by phone at (720) 580-3024, or through Psychology Today. I will generally respond within 24 hours (sometimes a little longer on weekends). You can also sign up for my mailing list or book an appointment online.